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NACON is a company of the BIGBEN Group founded in 2019 to optimize its know-how through strong synergies in the video game market. By bringing together its 14 development studios, the publishing of AA video games, the design and distribution of premium gaming devices, NACON focuses 20 years of expertise at the service of players.

About RIG

Founded in Santa Cruz, California, RIG is a premium gaming accessory brand and a leader in tournament audio for professional gaming. RIG introduced the first stadium-class esports headset in 2012 and is trusted by sound stage professionals, team coaches and pro players during league and live events worldwide.

The brand’s mission is to develop next generation gear for competitive gamers, esports players and live streamers. In 2020, RIG was acquired by NACON, a leading video game developer and designer of premium gaming accessories, including the Compact and Revolution series of controllers for console and PC.

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We're inspired by competitive gamers, those who play to win and value gear that helps them play better. 

That may sound familiar, but we believe our products are different.
Gaming is sport and every RIG product is influenced by sports equipment, from cycling to snowsports to motorsports. In fact, all sports and every piece of gear that requires lightweight and durability motivates our product design team.

RIG began with an idea to develop the lightest possible headset that can deliver on both audio and comfort with unmatched durability. We know that comfort leads to focus, leads to higher scores.

From that first headset to our latest innovation, RIG strives to design gear that's as good as you play.


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